Friday, 4 November 2011

My Bad, I was under the impression we were still under MMP

The best thing about our current MMP system is choice and increased representation for minority groups. New Zealand adopted this system in 1996, and as a result we have seen more diversity enter parliament, not only in terms of parties, but also women, Maori, and ethnic minorities. The Maori Party support MMP, and would encourage everyone to vote to keep it in place at the upcoming referendum.

I have been very disappointed with the way the leaders of the two major political parties (Labour and National) have separated themselves out from debating with minor party leaders in this election period. In my mind, it is tantamount to trying to play First Past the Post politics, in an MMP environment.

People are wondering why this is the most boring election ever - it's because the two big parties, (who btw are both represented by middle aged white men) are taking up all the air time. 

The minor parties, when they do get on air, is where the colour is at!! And it is unfortunate that our minor party leaders are not given the time to publicly address the leaders of the other big parties. It would have provided an opportunity to publicly put the two big parties on the spot over matters of concerns to the minor parties (who know what those big parties are hiding), unfortunately you are not going to get that in this election.

I wish you well with your Goff-Key watching - fun times...........

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