Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Child Poverty: He taonga te tamaiti

My baby
Tonight I intended to write something political, but I just canʻt go past the Inside NZ: Child Poverty documentary.

It was so sad to see little babies sick, and in hospital for preventable diseases. As a mother, it makes me think about my own boys and how I would feel if I had to see them go through that  - it would be heartbreaking.

I could write about what our Partyʻs policies on addressing child poverty, but to be honest I donʻt particularly feel like politicking right now. I just feel like being sad.
My big boy

Our babies deserve a better start to life than living in mouldy houses that make them sick.

I will say that political point scoring and finger pointing are not going down well with me tonight. If political parties had such wonderful policies, they were needed about 10 years ago. Itʻs not about votes, its about prioritising our babies.

We need to honour the rights of children.

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