Friday, 25 November 2011

10 things I want to leave you with....

 I have been thinking hard about what my last message will be before I zip the blogging until after the election. I couldn't think of just one thing to say, so here you have a collection of all of the things I want to leave you with.

1. The Maori Party are seeking both your candidate vote and your Party vote this election.Two ticks can deliver us more representation in parliament.

2. The Maori Party was born out of aspirations, it was born out of thousands of Maori people. It is our Party - and we still have a lot of work to do in terms of protecting Maori interests in government processes.

3. We can work with anyone, and all the major parties have indicated they can work with us. We are not National's 'trojan horse' - we are an independent voice for Maori - prepared to work with whoever gets the job done for Maori. Dont buy into major parties scaremongering.

4. Maori Party social policies do have a natural alignment with other political parties such as the Greens, Labour, Mana - so why not back a Maori vehicle for taking that forward?

5. Maori are a minority in this country. Holding a balance of power at the end of an election is one of the most crucial moments for negotiating policies that advance our Maori aspirations. It is one of the rare times we get to flex our muscle and demand some changes for our Maori people. Back us so that we can back you.

6. When you vote you get two ticks. Give your candidate vote - to the candidate who will represent your interests best. Give your party vote to the party whose kaupapa you like best. Your party vote is a vote for the kaupapa.

7. You will also be given a purple referendum paper to fill out this year. Tick MMP and then just back away from the form. MMP is our current electoral system and has given us more diversity in parliament, more Maori in Parliament, and also worked towards making major political parties more accountable.

8. Are you torn between Mana and Maori? Well, your vote is your vote - kei a koe te tikanga. I personally believe in inclusive kaupapa, not kaupapa that divide - which is why I support the Maori Party. While I have a lot of personal respect for Hone Harawira and Annette Sykes - I dont like the politics I have seen. Deliberately misleading, deliberately inciting anger and division, and deliberately nasty.

9. Looking at the polls National could govern alone. Do you want this to happen? Or do you want to put your vote in a Party that is prepared to work with anyone to protect our interests and advance the social needs of our communities? The Maori Party can do it - but it is up to our constitutents to vote for us, and then attend a post-election hui to tell us what you want us to do.

10. Last one - what does it mean to be Maori? It means that you have whakapapa that binds you to this land. It means that we have tikanga, reo, and matauranga. We have a responsibility to protect our ways, our whenua, and our people. Beyond that shared goal we are diverse - so lets increase the diversity of the Maori Party by voting more Maori Party people in (by Party voting Maori Party).

That's it from me - as I cant blog until after the election. My last message is this:



REFERENDUM Vote MMP (and then resist the desire to tick anything else!)

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